"MA OİL" 100 form (mould) oil for concrete moulds

"MA OİL" 100 form (mould) oil for concrete moulds

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Product description

Mineral oil based product, laid in formwork to create even concrete surface, providing easy removal of wooden and steel formworks. Besides, it provides resistant of the surface to high temperatures which occur during concrete hardening.

Fields of Application

This product can be applied in the following areas:

  • lubrication of different type formworks made from wood, plywood and steel, to provide obtaining high quality, even and defect-free concrete surfaces.


  • provides easy removal of the formwork from concrete;
  • elongates useful life of the formwork;
  • resistant to high temperatures and vapors;
  • provides a smoother concrete surface and reduces the amount of air bubbles in the concrete surfaces;
  • the mould oil is not absorbed by concrete.

Application procedures

Preparation of the surface. The surface should be clean and dry. The surface should be free of residues deteriorating adhesive force

Application. Apply the МА Oil 100 product to the surface by means of spraying or using roller. Before application of the product the formwork should be totally cleaned from concrete fragments, wooden and steel particles, snow and ice. To provide better result, apply the МА Oil 100 product in thin layer, in homogeneous conditions. Prevent accumulation of the mould oil in one spot, spread it in appropriate manner.

When spraying the distance between the spray applicator gun and the surface should be within 50-100 cm, and spraying pressure within 2-4 bar.

Recommendations. At the time of the МА OIL 100 product application the surface temperature should be between +50C- +300C. The surface treated with the product should be protected from direct sun rays, rain, wind and frost within at least 24 hours.

Technical specifications

Product composition

Mineral oil composition


Oily yellow, brilliant color


0.85 kg/liter

Hydrogen ion exponent

6-7 pH

Ignition temperature

above +950C


1-, 4-, 10- liter cans and 200 liter barrels


Consumption can differ depending on the formwork type. For wooden, plywood, and steel formwork 1 liter of the МА  Oil 100 solution may be applied with a roller onto approximately 25 m2 surface; when spraying with pumps under the pressure of 2 - 4 bar the it may cover the surface of approximately  40 m2.

Shelf Life and Storage Method

For short-term storage periods the product packages may be placed one upon the other in three layers, and at the time of application the lower layer packages should be used first. In case of long-term storage the product packages should not be laid one upon another.

The product can be stored during 12 months from the manufacturing date in corresponding storage conditions. The product in open cans may be used during entire storage period provided the covers are kept closed.


  • when using the MA OIL 100 product observe regulations of operational and personnel safety, wear appropriate protective clothing, safety gloves, glasses, and respirators;
  • taking into consideration that the product can cause allergic reactions and itch, take care to avoid contact of its components with skin or eyes, otherwise immediately rinse them with large amount of water and wash with soap;
  • do not keep food products in the areas of the solution application;
  • keep the product away from children;

Warranty and technical support

  • information indicated in technical specifications is based on scientific and experimental data;
  • Matanat А company is responsible for the product quality only;
  • with the exception of cases of works executed under the supervision of the company specialists, Мatanat А company shall not be liable for any problems occuring due to improper use of the product by other persons;
  • the company reserves the right to make changes in its product in consequence of scientific-and-technical development;
  • for technical support and or more information please do not hesitate to contact the Matanat А company!