"Matanat A" commemorates victims of 20 january events


21 years passed from the tragedy of 20 January. This event became not only the tragedy for the Azerbaijani people but also one of the most glorious chapters of our republic’s history, the day of great changes in social and political thinking and the peak of the national liberation movement.As in previous years, people all over the world commemorated victims of the tragedy of 20 January. One of such commemorative events was held in Matanat A. At the beginning of the event participants observed a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of martyrs who sacrificed themselves on 20 January. Next President of the company Elkhan Bashirov delivered the opening speech devoted to the causes of this tragedy and legal and political evaluation of these events. It was noted that this day became not only the day of tragedy for our people but also the day of pride and honour. Having delivered their speeches, other participants of the event stated that vigorous resistance of hundreds of people who had fallen victims to the armed Russian troops and shed blood will be engraved on people’s memory. The tragedy of 20 January made our people stronger and more resolute.

Then, participants of the event visited the memorial monument erected in tribute to Martyrs of 20 January.