FasNatural is invention of the year


The Success 2010 prize award ceremony took place on 19th March 2011 in one of the gorgeous places of our city Buta Palace. Success 2010 is the most prestigious national prize in economy and business instituted by Consulting & Business Journal. It is bestowed mainly on the organizations and enterprises and representatives of public and private sectors which render their services in the area of development of the Azerbaijani and world economies, integration into the world community, development of business infrastructure in accordance with up-to-date standards, the country’s capacity building in this area and competitive recovery of local enterprises.

It's very encouraging to see that Matanat A, which has made its contribution to the development of the Azerbaijani economy and become the first manufacturer of cement and gypsum-based mixes in Azerbaijan, was in the focus of attention during this annual ceremony through its innovations and could take its place among prize-winners.

According to the consumer inquiry data, Matanat A, which carries out its activity on the basis of sci-tech investigations and keeps the leading position in the field of employment of innovation technologies, became a winner in one more nomination. According to 2010’s results, FasNatural, a product manufactured by Matanat A, was awarded the Success National Prize in the nomination of Invention of the Year. Having received the award, Vice-President of the company for marketing and strategic planning Fuad Bashirov delivered a speech on the success achieved, due regard given by the state to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and stated that adhering to its innovatory traditions, Matanat A has been introducing innovations regularly, and is going to contribute to the national economy development in future and to become a worthy representative of our country business traditions outside the country.

For reference, FasNatural patented in about 150 countries of the world is a dry mix for production of decorative facing slabs and decorative mouldings. It is applied primarily on the building facades made of concrete, brick, limestone and other materials, on the surfaces faced with XPS (extruded polystyrene foam) slabs, EPS (foam polystyrene), slag wool (pressed slag wool slabs) and polyurethane as a plaster or mechanically by spraying to imitate Aglay stone. In terms of technical characteristics, FasNatural is moisture-proof and frost-resistant as against Aglay stone. It is more durable than natural stone, reduces structural load eleven times and makes it possible to form any desired composition on the facade. As regards its external appearance it is in no way different from natural stone.