"Matanat A" visits retirement home and disabled children’s centre


All good intentions and deeds committed throughout the holy days of Ramadan are undoubtedly willed by the Supreme Creator. As before, this year, "Matanat A" gave aid proudly and with its whole heart to destitute people and lower-income families in the month of Ramadan, a holiday which uplifts friendship, brotherly relations and solidarity among people and fills the hearts with divine goodness.

Sometimes people are looking for their youth and want to be born again, but is there somebody who would wish for that more than they do? This was the most interesting question that stayed in our memory after a meeting arranged in a retirement home in Bilgah. Realizing the importance of such visits," Matanat A" followed its tradition in the month of Ramadan having considered it to be its duty. These people, who underwent many severe trials, were complaining of their destiny or modern times sitting alone in their rooms. Listening to their sincere stories, we were aspiring to gladden their fragile hearts at least for a short while. Having listened to these elderly people, we familiarized ourselves with the place they live in and gave them holiday gifts.

"Matanat A" also did not fail to care of children in the month of Ramadan. For this purpose, representatives of our company organized a meeting with disabled children and their parents in the Disabled Children’s Centre. In spite of their young age, these children suffer hardships like adults that can be felt from their looks and opinions during the talks. We had a talk with them and gave the allocated food aid, having promised every support in future to overcome tough times.