"REDUCE YOUR COSTS! (AZALACAQ XƏRCİNİZ!) Finally, the meaning of this mysterious slogan that has caused great interest of each of us on TV and radio channels, street ads, subway, electronic media portals in recent days.

 Matanat A company was founded in 2000. And this company, which has been operating successfully for nearly 20 years, is one of the leading companies in the production of the construction materials. Products manufactured at the plants operating based on modern technological innovations and innovative technologies reflect important innovations both in terms of ecology and in terms of in the cost saving in different fields. Staying true to this tradition, "Matanat A" company presented AZERLIME lime plant and AZERLIME lime for plaster manufactured at the plant.

 Speaking at the presentation, the chairman of supervisory board of "Matanat A" company Elkhan Bashirov talked about the conditions created for the development of entrepreneurship in the country. The businessman said: "Economic reforms implemented under the leadership of the President Ilham Aliyev have opened new page in the development of the entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan. AZERLIME Lime plant is also created as a result of the favourable conditions created for the entrepreneurs and will serve the construction sector of Azerbaijan for many years."

 Speaking at the event, the Head of the "Construction materials" sub-faculty of Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, professor Ms. Irada Shirinzada noted that AZERLIME lime for plaster is revolutionary innovation in the construction sector. Its activity is high and the plaster prepared by adding AZERLIME does not crack. Its use is convenient and it is anti-bacterial.

 It should be noted that AZERLIME LIME FOR PLASTER is obtained by adding to the mixture of sand and cement. AZERLIME lime for plaster that offers the lime plaster tradition, which is wide-spread in Europe and developed countries, is a unique product in the construction sector, plastering and masonry works. AZERLIME product reduces the cement used for the preparation of the plaster by up to 50%, at the same time it keeps the strength of the plaster within the norm and finally causes the plastering costs saving up to 25%.  There are many advantages of the lime plaster. Thus, it is more convenient to apply the lime plaster made by adding AZERLIME. At the same time, in addition to plastering more surfaces, an anti-bacterial surface is also obtained.

 It should be noted that AZERLIME Lime Plant manufactures high-activity, stable quality dry hydrated and unhydrated lime, which are widely used in different industry fields. High-quality lime manufactured at this plant is in great demand in such the important sectors as metallurgy, food, pharmacy, water treatment, agriculture, mining industry, healthcare, chemical industry, plastic industry, glass industry, mining industry.  "Matanat A" company calls on all industrial enterprises, anyone implementing repair and construction works, to use lime products manufactured at AZERLIME lime plant with high activity and stable quality.