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The activity of the Master Club is wide and the opportunities it provides are limitless. The following services are provided to the master in the meetings and workshops regularly held for the purpose of introducing innovations and improving the knowledge and skills of the craftsmen:

  • Ensuring the improvement of the professional knowledge and skills of the craftsmen and their corresponding certification, inviting them to courses and workshops;
  • Providing the craftsmen with supporting materials in order to advance their proficiency;
  • Replying all the questions of the craftsmen regarding the products manufactured by “Matanat A” and providing the guidelines for using such products, and providing technical support;
  • Delivering the products of “Matanat A” promptly to the craftsmen in case of necessity;
  • Inviting the craftsmen to exhibitions, meetings and other events;
  • Assist the craftsmen in finding jobs;
  • Providing opportunity for the craftsmen to win various promotional items collecting coupons.

How to join «Matanat A» Master Club?

  • by filling in the Application form in the training workshops;
  • by filling in the Application form in our website (either in this website or at

Who can join «Matanat A» Master Club?

  • Tilers;
  • Plasterers;
  • Master using waterproofing admixtures for surfaces (walls, bathrooms, water reservoirs, pools, etc.);
  • Other master specialized in similar fields.

The master obtaining the card of our Club are the members of our Club. The master not having the cards can obtain the application forms as mentioned above.